Matt Dillon Matt Dillon

Cheers to Modern Family for inviting Matt Dillon to the party.

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Dillon's big-screen career careened wildly off course after he unwisely chose to follow up his Oscar-nominated turn in 2004's Crash by taking a backseat to Lindsay Lohan and an anthropomorphized VW in the all-too-prophetically titled

Herbie: Fully Loaded. (You, Me and Dupree didn't help, either.) His guest shot as Robbie Sullivan, the high-school boyfriend of Claire (Julie Bowen) who realized his adolescent fantasy of hooking up with her mom (the hysterical Shelley Long), went a long way towards restoring his cool cred.Sporting a perfectly horrible '80s coif and an earring and bragging about his "axe," Dillon turned his limo-driving horndog into the episode's funniest figure. That's no small feat when you consider Cam (Eric Stonestreet) broke out his Fizbo the Clown persona again for Lily's princess party. We're just surprised Dillon's fellow movie star James Marsden didn't reprise his guest role as the drifter who squatted in Lily's princess castle. Do you think Matt Dillon hit the comic target on Modern Family?

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