<i>Minute to Win It</i> Minute to Win It

Cheers to Minute to Win It for finding a winning formula.

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NBC's sleeper-hit summer game show takes the network's current penny-pinching ethos and turns it into a virtue: The show's stars (aside from chef-turned-host Guy Fieri, who adds just the right amount of extra cheese) are cheap, common household objects like Kleenex boxes, paper clips and water bottles. They're used in challenges that must be completed in 60 seconds for players to advance towards the $1 million jackpot. MTWI is the anti-Jackass: It might as well come with a disclaimer — Do try this at home, kids.

Producers have come up with novel twists in casting contestants, using comely twin sisters and brothers (leading one wag to dub it Twin It to Win It) and beauty-pageant contestants as well as NBA cheerleaders and NFL players in upcoming episodes. And they've all got compelling, often-tearjerking personal stories to hook viewers: One of the twins proposed to his longtime girlfriend — she said yes! — while the pom-pom girls are competing for money to support their disabled parents. How can you not Cheer that?

Has Minute to Win It won you over?

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