Michelle Trachtenberg Michelle Trachtenberg

Jeers to Michelle Trachtenberg for going to seed on Weeds.

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As Emma, the temptress who turned the Botwins' bicycle shop upside-down — literally — and stole their pot business, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum is a real buzz kill. With her Lolita-like looks and too-cool-for-school attitude, her character feels like a warmed-over version of Gossip Girl's Georgina Sparks. And somehow she's even more annoying than the perpetually perky (and aptly surnamed) nurse Chloe Payne on NBC's mercifully short-lived Mercy.

Weeds has been allowed to grow unchecked for far too long, and Season 7's guest stars, including a low-energy Aidan Quinn as a crooked hedge-fund manager and an underused Martin Short as a lawyer, haven't been able to bring it new life. What are you waiting for, Showtime? Yank Weeds!

Do you think it's time for Showtime to kill Weeds?

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