Melanie Lynskey, Hugh Laurie Melanie Lynskey, Hugh Laurie

Cheers to Melanie Lynskey for blossoming on House.

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The actress, best known as Charlie's stalker (and suspected murderer) Rose on Two and a Half Men, showed off her serious side on Fox's medical drama as a florist whose early-Alzheimer's-afflicted husband (Ivo Nandi) mysteriously turned violent — and violently ill. Lynskey, who's earning raves as a divorcée in the current Sundance Film Festival entry Hello I Must Be Going, finally seems to be coming in to her own.

That's a long-overdue development. The New Zealand native first showed promise as a murderous teen opposite Kate Winslet in Peter Jackson's Heavenly Creatures in 1994. With five more films on the way, it doesn't take a genius like Dr. House to determine that Lynskey's career has never been healthier.

What did you think of last night's House?

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