Randee Heller Randee Heller

Cheers to Randee Heller for creating the summer's hottest breakout character: Mad Men's Miss Blankenship.

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Don Draper's incompetent yet snark-tastic new secretary — perhaps the first one ever at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce whom he doesn't want to sleep with, and vice versa — has stolen every scene she's been in. Even her smallest gestures, like adjusting her wig or barking "I don't work for you!" at a hungry job seeker, drive viewers mad with laughter. No wonder she's got her own Facebook fan page and Twitter account: @MissB_SDCP.

Heller's accomplishment of standing out amid Mad Men's peerless ensemble is even more impressive when you realize her range: She played Billy Crystal's lesbian roommate on Soap and Ralph Macchio's mom in The Karate Kid films. Here's hoping Don keeps Miss B. around, and Mad Men keeps on giving us Heller!

Do you wish Miss Blankenship would drop anchor at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce?

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