Louie Louie

Jeers to Louie for trafficking in clichés and ugly stereotypes.

Louis CK's FX "comedy" has been praised for its edgy style, but when you look past the gritty-indie camerawork and ooh-aren't-we-daring? use of politically incorrect epithets (including the n-word in a repugnant vignette about how African-Americans allegedly don't leave tips), it's as boringly conventional as TV gets. Cross-cutting between Louie's stand-up act and sitcom story lines—a format Seinfeld quickly downplayed once it grew tired—the show beats such comedic dead horses as (in the case of this week's episode), "Isn't airline travel annoying?" and "Aren't Southerners weird?"

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Granted, some of the details push the envelope of acceptable content (suffice it to say that "lube" is involved in Louie's airports travails), but gags about passengers talking loudly on cell phones and fat people sitting next to you on planes aren't exactly cutting-edge. Nor is the scene when a Southern lawman asks Louie for a kiss. C'mon, Deliverance came out 40 years ago—shouldn't there be a moratorium on gay-panic-in-Dixie bits?

Do you find Louie less daring then it's cracked up to be?

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