Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and David Letterman Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and David Letterman

Cheers to Late Show with David Letterman for playing The Newlywed Game... with Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks.

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The Larry Crowne costars channeled the spirit of Bob Eubanks with a variation of his classic game show that David Letterman called "How Well Do You Know Tom Hanks?" After correctly answering the first question — she knew Hanks' middle name is Jeffrey — Roberts missed every answer but hit on big laughs.

She guessed that Hanks thought the greatest actor of his generation was either Abe Vigoda or Bea Arthur, when in fact it's, yes, Tom Hanks. And his favorite Julia Roberts movie? No, not Larry Crowne When Harry Met Sally (never mind that she wasn't in it with him). If Hanks and Roberts display this kind of comic chemistry in Crowne, they should be dubbed box-office royalty once again.

Did Roberts' and Hanks' Late Show appearance make you want to see Larry Crowne?

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