Julia Louis-Dreyfuss Julia Louis-Dreyfuss

Cheers to Julia Louis-Dreyfus for finding new life after Old Christine.

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The Emmy-winner hasn't let CBS' unwise cancellation of her sitcom (now in syndication on Lifetime and local stations) slow her down. Her surprise cameos as "Liz Lemon" were among the comedic peaks of 30 Rock's recent live episode, and she reteamed with Tina Fey, among others, for the NBC primetime special The Women of Saturday Night Live. In an uproarious new spoof of the Real Housewives franchise, Louis-Dreyfus promoted her "environmentally conscience" clip-on earrings as well as her "one sex tapes," and she was also seen in a vintage bit as an incestuous Marie Osmond on Gumby's Christmas Special.

Now comes word that she may return to the scene of her triumphant Seinfeld reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm — HBO. Louis-Dreyfus is reportedly in talks to take the titular role in Veep, the cable network's new comedy pilot about the first female vice-president, penned by In the Loop Oscar nominee Armando Ianucci. She's already got our vote.

Are you glad to see Julia Louis-Dreyfus bouncing back on the small screen?

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