Jon Stewart Jon Stewart

Cheers to the real winner of the Iowa caucus: Jon Stewart.

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The Daily Show funnyman had a field day with the crop of GOP candidates battling it out in the Hawkeye State. Whether symbolically shredding the ream of "ass-juice jokes" he's made about Google phenomenon Rick Santorum or mocking won't-be First Man Marcus Bachmann's "completely heterosexual devotion to dog accessories," Stewart scored more points than Santorum, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul combined.

Of course, Stewart also tweaked the media coverage, especially the "cybernetic, multi-cultural, featureless, dildo people" CNN absurdly used to illustrate the caucus process. And correspondent Wyatt Cenac reported live from Heaven on which Republican was the odds-on favorite to receive the "coveted God endorsement." One thing is written in stone: The Daily Show's "Indecision 2012" coverage is divine.

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