Human Target Human Target

Cheers to Lennie James for becoming TV's go-to guy for cult shows.

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The always-compelling British actor made his first big noise with U.S. audiences as the mysterious nuclear-explosion survivor Robert Hawkins on Jericho and gave a painfully poignant performance on The Walking Dead as Morgan Jones, a widower grappling with his beloved wife's rebirth as a zombie. Plus, his work as Charlie, a pimp who takes

Jane Adams' Tanya under his wing, is one of the only reasons to watch HBO's flaccid Hung.This week, James reprised his recurring role on Fox's underrated action show Human Target as Baptiste, a master assassin sprung from a Siberian prison by Chance (Mark Valley) to assist in the rescue of a kidnapped journalist in South America. James and Valley engaged in a truly kick-ass hand-to-hand combat scene before their characters joined forces. Chance ultimately returned Baptiste to the Russian pokey, but here's hoping we haven't seen the last of Baptiste.Are you a Lennie James fan?

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