Huey Lewis Huey Lewis

Jeers to Hot in Cleveland for proving it's not hip to be square.

TV Land's old-school sitcom went back in time to miscast '80s nice-guy pop star Huey Lewis as bad-boy rocker Johnny Revere. (He was almost as convincing as Greg Brady when he posed as rock star Johnny Bravo.) Reuniting with old flame Victoria (Wendie Malick) at a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame event, Johnny cracked, "I was always bragging to the roadies about how I used to drill you like the Gulf of Mexico." Too soon!

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Turned out Johnny believed in the power of love and wanted a new drug: Lipitor. If this was it, Victoria was happy to be stuck with him and together they found out the heart of rock and roll was still beating... in Cleveland. But the script could've used more heart and soul and fewer gag-inducing punchlines like this one: "That was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen—and I used to wax Roseanne!" Now that's workin' for a livin'!

Do you think Huey Lewis was out of tune on Hot in Cleveland?

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