Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen

Jeers to Two and a Half Men for continuing to make light of Charlie Sheen's dark side.

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Yes, he's playing a character — named Charlie — but the more we learn about the actor's real-life antics (whether caused by an allergic reaction to medication, as claimed by his publicist, or not), the less cute the jokes about substance abuse, strippers and hookers become. "On the list of things I expect to kill me, mercury poisoning ranks well below liver failure, stuck by lightning and heart attack during sex," Charlie "joked" in this week's episode, "The Crazy Bitch Gazette." "Guess which one I'm rooting for." Here's what we're rooting for: Charlie to clean up his act, on- and off-screen, before it's too late.

The sitcom seemed to be moving in that direction by having Charlie develop true feelings for — gasp! — a woman of a certain age (CSI vet Liz Vassey, who deserves better). But she left him after convincing him he's in love with longtime stalker Rose (Melanie Lynskey), who staged a fake wedding with mannequins to make Charlie jealous. The show's writers are no dummies, though: The publicity about Sheen's latest meltdown gave Two and a Half Men a bump in the ratings, so don't expect Charlie to settle down anytime soon. Apparently, nothing succeeds like excess.

Do you think Two and a Half Men should quit enabling Charlie's debauchery?

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