Glory Daze Glory Daze

Jeers to TBS for failing to make the grade with Glory Daze.

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In case you haven't seen the incessant promos during the MLB playoffs and Conan, GD is a new sitcom about a group of freshmen rushing a fraternity at an Indiana university in 1986. (Unfortunately, there's nothing rushed about the show — it's an hourlooong show, a fact the ads fail to mention.) No collegiate-comedy cliché goes unturned, from the shtick-figure characters — the virgin, the jock, the stoner — to the predictable debauchery, with gag topics running the gamut from bongs to beer bongs.

How blatantly do the cocreators (who were also responsible for the cinematic atrocities Wild Hogs and You, Me and Dupree) attempt to clone Animal House? They even have the frat's resident ladies' man try to pick up an older woman in a supermarket. Only in this case, it's not Dean Wormer's wife — it's an English professor played by an understandably almost-unrecognizable Teri Polo (Little Fockers). Other token grown-ups include Til Death survivor Brad Garrett and a trio of SNL alums (Tim Meadows, Cheri Oteri and David Koechner). John Belushi must be doing a zit-spit-take in his grave.

Will you look back fondly on Glory Daze?

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