Vanessa Lengies Vanessa Lengies

Jeers to Glee for making an off-key addition to the cast.

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In last week's season opener, Vanessa Lengies

joined the show as Sugar Motta, a tone-deaf student in more ways than one. Her attribution for her lack of social graces to "self-diagnosed Asperger's" had autism-awareness advocates up in arms. Well, Sugar was back in episode 2 — briefly, thank God — to sing poorly, insult Idina Menzel's Shelby Corcoran ("you have this irritating nasal quality"), then shrug it off: "Sorry, Asperger's."Sorry, Glee: For a show that goes to sickeningly saccharine lengths to preach tolerance (e.g. this week's "unicorn" subplot with Kurt and Brittany), you've hit a wrong note. One can only hope Sugar's promised third episode will be her swan song. With Sue Sylvester's poll numbers — and ego — swelling, the halls of McKinley High aren't big enough to fit another fathead.Are you souring on Sugar — and Glee?

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