Fran Drescher Fran Drescher

Jeers to Fran Drescher for not knowing when to shut up.

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The Nanny veteran has returned to TV with The Fran Drescher Tawk Show, a daytime chatfest getting a three-week test run on six Fox affiliates (because that approach worked so well for The Kilborn File and Huckabee?). Despite the presence of the "Fran Band" and celebrity guests — like Drescher's "dear friends" and Doctor Detroit costars Dan Aykroyd and Donna Dixon — the show's all about Fran. She constantly plugs her skin-care product line (available on HSN!) and steers the conversation back to herself. When she made Aykroyd and Dixon tell the story of how he proposed, Drescher insisted it had been at her L.A. townhouse, even though the Blues Brother remembered it happening at a farmhouse in Canada. It felt like being trapped at the world's worst dinner party.

Drescher also booked her cousin, personal organizer Meryl Starr, who went through the host's purse and uncovered such fascinating items as a pair of Ugg boots, Nanny DVDs (for her fans, she insisted) and — whaddaya know, her own brand of moisturizer, Wait, that's not all: "Look, I got condoms in here!" Fran squawked. Ugh!

Do you think Fran Drescher's Tawk-ed out?

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