Sasha Grey Sasha Grey

Jeers to Entourage for saddling Sasha Grey with a part beyond her acting capabilities: playing herself.

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When it was first reported that HBO's showbiz satire was stunt-casting the porn-star of Sasha Grey's Anatomy as Vincent Chase's new, um, love interest, we assumed it would be a quickie — one or two episodes and out. But Grey's arc has stretched out over the entire season, and her acting is stiffer than... well, use your imagination.

Like her "character," Grey has been trying to go legit; as Entourage has constantly reminded us, Oscar-winner Steven Soderbergh cast her in his 2009 arthouse flop The Girlfriend Experience. But her work as Vinny's bad-influence bedmate has been notable only for her frequent nude scenes. Somehow, we think she was hoping for a different kind of exposure.

Do you think Sasha Grey is falling flat on Entourage?

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