The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory

Jeers to Eliza Dushku for fizzling out on The Big Bang Theory.

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Outlandishly miscast as a buttoned-down FBI agent probing Wolowitz, the sci-fi-geeks' goddess was served up as raw meat for the Comic-Con crowd, like previous

Big Bang guests like Katee Sackhoff and Wil Wheaton. But while they showed surprisingly sharp  sitcom chops, Dushku seemed more like one of the blank mannequins from

Dollhouse.It's been a rough week for Eliza: Her boyfriend, NBA vet Rick Fox, got unjustly bounced from Dancing With the Stars (call it a Bristol stomp). And it's not her fault Big Bang's writers gave the guys all the good lines — even the Hayden Planetarium's Neil DeGrasse Tyson got more laughs. But even back in her Buffy days as Faith, Dushku never slayed us; she's better at kicking ass than cracking wise. Guess comedy isn't her Tru Calling.Did Eliza Dushku let you down on The Big Bang Theory?

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