Eva Longoria Parker Eva Longoria Parker

Cheers to Vanessa Williams and Eva Longoria Parker for proving they're good sports on Desperate Housewives.

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Wisteria Lane's newest sex kitten, Renee (Williams), meow-mixed it up with that little minx Gaby (Longoria Parker) in a catfight that sprang from familiar-sounding rumors. Gabby slammed Renee for reconciling with her cheating baseball-player hubby after he gave her a pricey ring; in real life, Williams is divorced from NBA vet Rick Fox, now heating up the ballroom on Dancing With the Stars — where he was visited this week by ex-Lakers teammate Kobe Bryant, who bought expensive jewelry for his wife after his notorious scandal. And was it my imagination, or did the actor cast as Renee's spouse, Reggie Austin, bear a striking resemblance to Eva's NBA-star husband, Tony Parker?

Both Williams and Longoria Parker have grappled with gossip that their men stepped out on them while traveling. Tabloids have also alleged Eva had a nose job, just like Renee did about Gaby — right before she broke Sra. Solis' nariz in a barroom brawl. We just wish these two hadn't licked their wounds and made up so quickly. It would've been fun to see what would've happened if their claws had really come out.

Did you get a kick out of Desperate Housewives' catfight?

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