Joaquin Phoenix and David Letterman Joaquin Phoenix and David Letterman

Cheers to David Letterman for not letting Joaquin Phoenix off the hook.

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After the Oscar-nominated actor used the Late Show host as part of his I'm Still Here hoax, Phoenix returned to come clean—and Letterman cleaned his clock, comedically speaking. Dave proudly declared he hadn't seen the flop schlockumentary ("I hate waitin' in lines," he cracked) and gleefully tweaked Phoenix for apologizing to him: "It was so much fun—it was batting practice. Every one of 'em was a dinger!"

Letterman knocked another one out of the park when he started shaking down Phoenix for money: The producers of I'm Still Here used five minutes of footage from his 2008 Late Show spot for free on the grounds that it was a documentary. Now that it's been exposed as a ruse, Dave demanded a million dollars, causing Joaquin to squirm: "Can we talk about it privately?" "Yeah," Dave shot back. "We'll go to one of your screenings."

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