Dana Carvey, Conan O'Brien Dana Carvey, Conan O'Brien

Cheers to Dana Carvey for his very special guest shot on Conan.

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The SNL vet doesn't make too many TV appearances these days, but he made the most of his time on the TBS talker's couch. He trotted out a dizzying array of impressions, from former "Weekend Update" anchors Norm MacDonald and Dennis Miller to former Chief Execs George H.W. and George W. Bush. He also did a more credible Barack Obama (sans makeup) than Fred Armisen has yet to manage.

But the unquestionable highlight of Carvey's gig was his riff on Arnold Schwarzenegger's sex scandal; as O'Brien correctly pointed out, Carvey basically invented the Ah-nuld impression, along with Kevin Nealon (who guested on Conan the night before). With Carvey soon to hit the big screen for the first time in a decade in the Adam Sandler-Katie Holmes flick Jack and Jill, maybe it's time for O'Brien to dust off that unproduced Hans and Franz script he cowrote back in 1994. Maybe they could even get Arnold to do a cameo — his reputation could use a little pumping up.

Did Dana Carvey crack you up on Conan?

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