Malcolm-Jamal Warner Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Cheers to Community bringing Malcolm-Jamal Warner home to Thursdays at 8 on NBC.

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The pop-culture reference-rich sitcom has cleverly cast The Cosby Show's Theo Huxtable as Andre, the once-unfaithful ex-husband who may have impregnated born-again Shirley (the delightful Yvette Nicole Brown). That is, if the diabolical Señor Chang (Ken Jeong) didn't knock her up at the study group's wild, blackout-inducing Halloween party.

Sporting a garishly multi-rainbow sweater worthy of Dr. Cliff Huxtable ("My dad gave it to me," Andre deadpanned), Warner seemed immediately comfortable amid Community's flawless ensemble. Which is fortunate, since he's sticking around for two more episodes. Maybe he can teach the Greendale gang a little Theo-logy.

Do you think Malcolm-Jamal Warner's a worthwhile addition to Community?

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