Henry Kissinger Henry Kissinger

Cheers to Stephen Colbert for achieving the seemingly impossible — getting Henry Kissinger to crack a smile.

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In his first sitdown on The Colbert Report, the famously monotonous ex-Secretary of State (whom Colbert compared to Rep. Anthony Weiner because he was also linked to a "Tricky Dick") wasn't quite Betty White, but he did tell an amusing story about how he stopped playing chess with his young grandson after the boy started beating him. "You'll negotiate with Mao Tse-tung, yet you cut off an 8-year-old," Colbert teased him.

Kissinger also made some serious points ("without values, power becomes arbitrary and unmanageable"), while Colbert provided the laughs. Reporting that Kissinger was being recruited to sort out the Qatar World Cup scandal, the mock pundit wryly noted that his experience with the Vietnam War would make him well-qualified to deal with soccer: "They both go on forever, and America never wins." Now, that's truthiness.

Do you think Stephen Colbert handle his Henry Kissinger interview diplomatically?

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