Jason Clarke and Matt Lauria Jason Clarke and Matt Lauria

Jeers to Fox for cancelling The Chicago Code.

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The Shield
executive producer Shawn Ryan's high-caliber crime drama was given less than a full season to find an audience before itchy trigger-fingered execs shot it down. What turned out to be the series finale, "Mike Royko's Revenge," tied up an impressive number of loose ends as Det. Jarek Wysocki (the electrifying Jason Clarke) discovered his late brother was a dirty cop — and had left enough evidence to put corrupt Alderman Ronin Gibbons (Delroy Lindo, who still merits serious Emmy consideration) behind bars.

Of course, Gibbons swore he'd fight the charges and that no jury in Chicago would ever convict him — and that battle would've surely raged through Season 2. Alas, we'll never see it, as this was the last ride-along for Gibbons, Wysocki, newbie partner Caleb Evans (Matt Lauria, who's moving on to Burn Notice) and Police Superintendant Teresa Colvin (Jennifer Beals), last seen flirting anonymously with a Pittsburgh businessman at a hotel bar, as she was politically prevented from hooking up with Adam Arkin's sexy FBI agent. No return trip to the Windy City? That blows!

Do you think Fox should've given The Chicago Code another shot?

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