Top Chef Top Chef

Cheers to Top Chef: All-Stars for taking one cheftestant down a much-needed peg.

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SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched this week's episode, stop reading now.Following his sweep of the Muppets cookie quickfire and the Target all-night elimination challenge, Dale Talde was getting a little big for his britches ("I crushed an episode!" he exclaimed. "I've won $30,000, but I'm a greedy American."). Pride goeth before the fall: His oyster-wrapped steak failed to impress guest judge

Paula Deen in the quickfire, and his Gulf Coast Seafood stew suffered from undercooked potatoes and too much mustard on the croutons. (It didn't help matters that he was paired up with returnee Angelo Sosa, who still looked shell-shocked from his elimination last week). The verdict was clear: The judges were over Dale.The Season 4 spitfire took it, well, not so well. He wept like a baby, then his ego swelled again: "The first time I was here, I didn't really like me much, and I took it out on other people. This time around, I know I'm a better person, I know I'm a better chef... After this experience, I know I can do anything. I feel like Superman." Up, up... And away!Were you glad to see Dale Talde get chopped from Top Chef: All Stars?

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