David Duchovny David Duchovny

Jeers to Californication for letting Hank Moody get off—so to speak.

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The fourth-season finale of Showtime's smut-com (which, despite its flaccid ratings, has inexplicably been picked up for Year 5) opened with David Duchovny's narcissistic novelist receiving a proverbial slap on the wrist for his statutory-rape conviction. That freed him up to attend a stomach-turning dinner party to celebrate the filming of his book F---ing and Punching that featured talk of mid-menstrual intercourse and "brother-sister Holocaust survivor" sex games, a stabbing, vomiting—all thanks to Charlie's girlfriend, filter-free psycho Peggy (Melissa Stephens)—and Rob Lowe's excruciatingly over-the-top return as a raspy, ranting and repulsive movie star (if this was his unofficial audition to replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men, he bombed).

Just when you thought you were safe from any more self-indulgent "shocks," Hank nearly drowned in a swimming pool (in an ill-advised homage to Being There, a truly daring satire) and imagined himself being saved by a dreadlocked Jesus. It turned out to be his ex-wife's African-American beau (Michael Ealy, who was much better-served by The Good Wife), to whom Hank had made casually racist remarks, because he's so un-p.c., you know. At one point, Peggy whined, "This is so boring!" Amen, sister!

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