Burn Notice Burn Notice

Cheers to Burn Notice for its scorching season finale.

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USA Network's action drama wrapped its current run with a chilling sight: Ex-spy Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan), amid a D.C. snowfall, walking back into the arms of the U.S. government who once "burned" him. Considering his contact was played by the often-slippery Dylan Baker (Spider-Man 2, Happiness), it remains to be seen just how welcoming Uncle Sam will truly be.

Baker wasn't the only top-notch character actor on hand for Burn's two-hour sendoff. Fan faves Tim Matheson (as the cheerfully lethal assassin Larry) and Jay Karnes (as ruthless crime boss Tyler Brennen) returned in the first half, and the conclusion reconnected with two Wire alums, Robert Wisdom (as Mikey's handler-turned-hunter, Vaughan) and John Doman (as a Congressman who reluctantly called in the cavalry to save our heroes). We'll have to wait until summer to find out what happens next, but at least we'll have Bruce Campbell's Sam Axe TV-movie prequel — directed by Donovan — in between.

Were you blown away by the Burn Notice finale?

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