American Idol American Idol

Jeers to American Idol for following its best results show ever with one of its worst.

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Last Thursday's episode was epic TV, from Stevie Wonder's wondrous birthday serenade of Steven Tyler to onetime Idol also-sang Jennifer Hudson's soul-stirring performance to Casey Abrams' near-breakdown after being saved by the judges. Even the one false note, bringing on Hulk Hogan to surprise James Durbin, was compelling, if only because of the wrestling fanatic's over-the-top-rope reaction.

This week's results show, on the other hand, felt like an early April Fool's Day prank gone horribly wrong. The teaser promised, "You won't believe who is going home!",  raising expectations that Bottom 3-dweller Paul McDonald would have to pack up his Kenny Loggins manqué act. Instead, the two most predictable candidates for elimination, Disney princess Thia Megia and Bohemian mama Naima Adedapo, were given the boot. And the performances, from Fantasia's less-than-tasty "Cornbread and Collard Greens" to Jamie Foxx's and's garish promo for the Fox cartoon Rio, were as hard to watch as they were to listen to.

Were you let down by Idol's results show?

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