Peter Weller Peter Weller

Cheers to Peter Weller for copping a new attitude on Dexter.

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The riveting actor, best known  as the invulnerable RoboCop, has brilliantly hit the skids as Stan Liddy, a corrupt Miami PD officer who gets busted by Internal Affairs. Moonlighting as a PI, he sets his sights on Michael C. Hall's serial killer. He could be Dexter's most ruthless rival since John Lithgow's Trinity Killer.

Despite his revelatory performance in David Cronenberg's Naked Lunch, Weller hungered for meaty big-screen parts in the '90s. Since making the leap to TV-series work nearly 10 years ago with Odyssey 5, he's moved beyond the sci-fi genre with memorable roles on 24 and Monk as well as a guest gig on Fringe. Hope Dexter helps reinvents him as an edgy cable character actor — Buckaroo Banzai could be a great addition to, say, Breaking Bad.

Do you find Peter Weller's performance on Dexter arresting?

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