Albert Brooks, Jon Stewart Albert Brooks, Jon Stewart

Cheers to Albert Brooks for proving he's still one of the best late-night guests ever.

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The legendary funnyman, who's doing the talk-show circuit to promote his first novel,

2030, stopped by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

, where he hilariously confessed his obsession with Kate Middleton ("I want to be her first Jew"). But the interview really got interesting when Stewart asked Brooks, one of his comic icons, to answer a few extra questions for the Daily Show website. Recalling his classic appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Brooks admitted he'd originally told his agent to book him on The Dick Cavett Show instead "because he was the hip one." Luckily, Cavett didn't want him. "Thank God," Brooks concluded, "because other than Dick Cavett, no one really watched that show." But everybody, it seemed, watched Carson, and Brooks claimed that he considered naming his memoir What Did Johnny Think? because that's all his mother ever asked him after his Tonight Show appearances.Brooks also paid an uproarious visit to Carson's late-night heir, David Letterman, earlier this week. In a brilliantly blatant attempt to create a viral video, Brooks kissed Dave on the lips while holding up a copy of 2030. But it was Brooks' scathing commentary on the Internet ("Twitter is the death of creativity") and Donald Trump ("Oh, he's an idiot!") that was truly buzzworthy. Somewhere, Johnny Carson was laughing.Do you love Albert Brooks' talk-show appearances?

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