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The warlocks were out in full force for the first date of Charlie Sheen's live tour in Detroit on Saturday night — but the crowd quickly turned against the former Two and a Half Men star, who abruptly ended his show after one hour, amid hecklers and boos.

Sheen's profanity-laced live act, which was loosely structured around a faux mobile app called "The Masheen," kicked off with two porn stars singing the National Anthem to a packed crowd of 5,000 at the Fox Theater. Sheen then appeared to a rowdy standing ovation with his two goddesses, who kissed and held up signs spelling WARLOCK. Sheen then grabbed one of his trademark Two and a Half Men polo shirts from a clothes rack and instructed the goddess to "take that out and burn it."

But the audience's love for Sheen ended there, when his next segment — dubbed the "Warlock States of Sheen" and featuring the actor behind a presidential podium — dragged on with incoherent ramblings ("my perfect flesh and napalm dripping brain") and nonsensical quotes from Thomas Jefferson, Bob Dylan and Robert Plant. "Is anybody else confused by this s--- as I am?" Sheen asked the crowd at one point, to a mix of boos and cheers. "Difference is I wrote every f---ing word."

The remainder of the show was a disconnected mess of prepackaged video montages featuring a remix of Sheen's 20/20 interview and an old film Sheen wrote and directed starring Johnny Depp and Clint Howard, which was cut short when the boos drowned out the audio. "I already got your money, dude," said Sheen to a particularly displeased audience member. When he attempted to conduct a Q&A segment about using crack, the crowd's noise was so overpowering that Sheen showed the first signs of agitation. "Come on guys, you paid to see me," he pleaded. "I'm right f---ing here and I'm here to open up."

After yet another failed Q&A segment entitled "Bus Bench Bob," Sheen "called an audible" and invited an unknown rapper to the stage as the audience began streaming out of the theater. After his performance, the rapper introduced the new music video for Snoop Dogg's "Winning." When the video ended, the theater lights went up. The show was over after roughly 60 minutes without Sheen reappearing. The livid crowd left the theater in disbelief and disappointment, with many sharing the same feeling of having viewed "the worst thing I've ever seen."

Sheen's tour is scheduled to continue in Chicago Sunday night before visiting 10 more cities including Atlanta, Toronto and New York.

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