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In case you missed it, Charlie Sheen quit Twitter last week. Why? Because his #winning tweets and 8 million followers reminded him of his past.

"I felt like it was connected to the whole past movement, the winning movement, the tiger blood movement and all that crap," he told Extra. "I still like winning; it still applies. Now it makes sense 'cause I'm finally winning."

Sheen joined the social media site in March 2011, just weeks after being fired from Two and a Half Men. His first tweet featured one of his headline-making phrases, "#winning." He then became Twitter's most talked about actor for that year. His catchphrase #tigerblood was listed as the second most talked about hashtag of the year.

Charlie Sheen deletes Twitter account

"It's nothing about the fans. I really appreciated all their support and still do," Sheen said. "It was more about it was never what I wanted to do. To have something that is a running update on what you're doing all day is, first of all, a security breach, secondly, a privacy breach."

Sheen, who amassed nearly 8 million followings since he joined Twitter, most recently used his account to promote and live-tweet his new FX comedy, Anger Management. However, he noted that others would try to get him to tweet about their products in exchange for promotion.

 "I know there's great value in there to reach out to a lot of people to promote stuff," he said. "It got to the point where I couldn't go anywhere without them wanting to cut a deal." 

Even though Twitter had been around for years before Sheen joined the social media site, Sheen believes he single-handedly helped them to succeed. When asked if he would ever join Twitter again, Sheen said, "If the founders were ever to call me once and say, 'Hey, thanks for really securing us on the map.' Not a single phone call and I felt like 'Really guys?' ... I may come back @charlie$heen, with the 's' as a '$,' and all endorsements, just like Kardashianville... the hell with everyone."

Are you happy Sheen quit Twitter, or do you miss him already?