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Charlie Sheen launched his Internet talk show Sheen's Korner Saturday, and one thing's for sure: He thought it was winning.

"You're either in Sheen's corner or you're with the trolls," Sheen said at the start of Sheen's Korner, reciting the show's tagline.

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Broadcasting on Ustream with his buddies and one of his goddesses, Sheen kicked things off by unveiling his new left wrist tattoo that said — what else? — "Winning."

He then launched into several segments, including "Winning News," about regular ol' folks "winning;""Weighing in with Rick," in which viewers tweeted thoughts to Sheen's assistant; "Wish They Were Like Me Forever," which zinged Dr. Drew and Nancy Grace; and "Kind of Wish I Was Like Them for 10 Minutes," which named Colin Farrell, San Francisco Giants' Brian Wilson and Sean Penn as those with whom Sheen would temporarily like to swap lives.

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Sheen and his friends laughed and rambled during much of the program. Throughout the show, Sheen repeatedly quoted phrases from the interviews he gave to ABC and NBC earlier this week during his media tour.

Sheen, who wore a hat and a black T-shirt adorned with a green dollar sign, closed the 50-minute show by reading an original poem. He also teased that Sheen's Korner would be a weekly or nightly show depending on viewer response.

The show grabbed more than 333,000 unique viewers and 1.2 million recorded and live views as of Sunday afternoon, according to Ustream.

You can watch a replay of the show below. Do you think Sheen should continue doing the show?

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