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It appears as though the tiger blood warlock has finally been tamed. Charlie Sheen recently opened up to Playboy about his epic 2011 public meltdown, even referring to it as a "psychotic break," according to the New York Post.

Sheen's downfall began after Two and a Half Men shut down production to allow Sheen to enter rehab. Sheen, who claimed to be ready to return to work, then waged verbal war against Men creator Chuck Lorre. Sheen's wild antics soon lost the actor his starring role on the CBS show and sparked intense speculation about his mental health. According to Sheen, built-up anger towards show business was to blame for his mental unraveling.

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"I was mad about having to play the game—not that I was playing it well, but I'd been doing it for so long," Sheen told Playboy. "I finally just said things I had always been thinking. But in the middle of a psychotic break."Apparently, what Sheen had always been thinking had a lot to do with "winning," "goddesses," "tiger blood" and "warlocks." These phrases became staples of Sheen's outrageous rants as well as national punch lines. Though seemingly embarrassed by his actions, Sheen also sees the humor in his meltdown. "I'm so f—king stupid. I'm in a beef with a warlock society?" Sheen laughed. "You're kidding me, right? How do you go from making Oliver Stone movies to being in a feud with warlocks?"

VIDEO: Charlie Sheen's Anger Management Goes off the Rails

While Sheen seems to be in a better place, things for the 46-year-old are still far from normal. The actor claims to have seen the ghosts of departed friends, including

Wild Orchid writer Zalman King and the dad of a close friend."I'm not f—king high or experimenting with psychedelics and s---," Sheen said. "I just accept stuff like that and don't try to figure it out. I saw these people, or their spirits or whatever, for a reason. I don't know what the reason is right now, but maybe it'll be revealed some other time."Sheen will soon return to TV in the FX sitcom Anger Management, which premieres June 28 at 9/8c.