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Charlie Sheen Admits He Might Be Bipolar

The actor says he's "not opposed to investigating that aspect of myself" on The Dr. Oz Show

Liam Mathews

They say the first step toward recovery is admitting there's a problem, and Charlie Sheen seems like he may finally be on the right track.

The man who famously declared himself not bipolar, but "bi-winning" said during an appearance on The Dr. Oz Show Monday that he's experienced mania, a symptom of bipolar disorder, and that there's a possibility he has the disorder.

"I've been described or 'diagnosed' by enough people, and I guess at some point you have to take a look at it if it keeps walking like a duck, you know?" he said in response to Oz's question about if he might be manic. "And I'm not opposed to investigating that aspect of myself. I've come this far, might as well fix it all, right?"

Charlie Sheen is writing a memoir

Sheen said that the majority of his "manic behavior" happens when he's drinking and doing drugs. In the 2011 interview linked above, he discloses and exhibits signs symptomatic of a manic episode, including grandiosity, excessive talkativeness, racing thoughts, and engaging in risky behavior, like drug abuse. In Monday's interview, he somewhat halfheartedly admits to other symptoms, like less need for sleep and high sex drive. Mania is often associated with stimulant use and/or bipolar disorder.

Sheen has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show three times this month to talk about his struggles with addiction and living with his HIV diagnosis.

Watch a clip of his interview below.

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