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Charles in Charge Actor Accuses Scott Baio of Sexual Abuse

Former child actor Alexander Polinsky alleges that Baio abused him on the set of the show

Liam Mathews

Former Charles in Charge child star Alexander Polinsky accused actor Scott Baio of sexually and emotionally abusing him on the set of the '80s sitcom at a press conference Wednesday, E! reports.

"I was sexually harassed by Scott Baio and ultimately assaulted by him between the ages of 12 and 15 years old," Polinsky, now 43, said. "Getting the job on Charles in Charge when I was 11 was one of the most wonderful things that had ever happened to me. It represented everything good about my life and my future. My excitement did not last long."

Polinsky, accompanied by his co-star Nicole Eggert, who also accuses Baio of sexually abusing her when she was a minor on the show, and their attorney Lisa Bloom, alleged that Baio exposed himself, humiliatingly pulled Polinsky's pants down in front of a crowd of people, threw hot tea in his face and relentlessly made homophobic comments directed at Polinsky. Baio is 14 years older than Polinsky.

Polinsky said the abuse started during his first year on the show when he walked in on Eggert, who played his sister, sitting on Baio's lap. Polinsky didn't understand that he was not witnessing an innocent scene and tried to climb on Baio's lap, too. He said Baio pushed him to the floor and called him a "f----t." Baio continued to taunt Polinsky with graphic homophobic and sexual talk for the rest of the show's run.

"Alex was consistently picked on, tripped, pushed around, berated with horrendous, horrendous homosexual slurs, all because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and witnessed something he was not supposed to see," Eggert said. Polinsky said that he was subjected to "mental torture and retaliation."

Polinsky, who had previously given a statement to be read during Eggert's appearance on The Talk last week, said Baio called him and apologized 10 years ago, but he did not accept it. He would now like Baio to publicly apologize to him and Eggert.

Last week Eggert filed a police report with the LAPD against Baio.

Baio denied Eggert and Polinsky's accusations. Through a spokesperson, he told CNN "Nicole Eggert, Alexander Polinsky and their attorney have brought a media circus to town, complete with false allegations, misleading insinuations, and pure sleaze mongering."