Charice Charice

Cherubic Charice reportedly got Botox a month before hitting the set of Glee — but her publicist emphasized it was for pain, not cosmetic reasons.

Several news outlets — citing ABS-CBN, a Philippines agency — reported Monday that the international singing star received Botox and a facial to prepare for her role on the Fox series.

International singer Charice joins Glee

However, Charice's rep, Liz Rosenberg, said the procedures were done because "she was experiencing jaw problems and that is a common treatment for that in the Philippines and even in the U.S."

"Clearly at 18 years old, having no lines or wrinkles, there would be no reason for her to have cosmetic Botox," Rosenberg said.

Charice rose to fame after a video of her performing "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" went viral on YouTube and she appeared on Ellen DeGeneres' and Oprah Winfrey's shows. She will play a foreign exchange student who intimidates Rachel (Lea Michele) with her formidable vocals.