It's the end of an era at After nearly six years, 1,123 columns and 876 digs at Elisabeth Röhm, this marks Michael Ausiello's final Entertainment News column before he officially passes the baton to his colleague, Matt Webb Mitovich. As previously reported, Ausiello is giving up EN to focus his energy on the "global phenomenon" (his Aunt Joan's words, not his) that is Ask Ausiello, as well as the Ausiello Report in TV Guide magazine and his upcoming AA T-shirt line. In recognition of this momentous occasion, the showbiz world paused for a moment of silence at 10:06 am/ET the exact moment Ausiello's farewell column went live on the site. His celeb pals were quick to chime in with their congratulations. "Michael who?" gushed Law & Order: SVU's Mariska Hargitay via her assistant. "Oh, right. That strange guy I always bump into at the grocery store. And at work. And outside my loft. And... " Alias alum Greg Grunberg, meanwhile, was looking on the bright side: "This should give you more time to focus on the Roush Review, which I love." Finally, Muppets icon Kermit the Frog interrupted his 50th-anniversary world tour to say, "Happy Birthday, Michael. You don't look a day over 27."

Wow, what an amazing third-person tribute. I'm speechless. A big thank-you to Marish, Grunny and K.Fr for those beautiful words. I will treasure them always. I'm really bad at "goodbyes," so I'll keep this brief: Don't forget to read Ask Ausiello next Wednesday, featuring more scoop on Lost, The O.C., Surface, Gilmore Girls, Everwood, Prison Break, The King of Queens, Alias and more! Plus, as I mentioned in this week's AA, Entertainment News may no longer be my baby, but my presence will still be felt each and every day. You'll see how, beginning Monday. OK, I feel my ugly cry coming on, so I'm going to leave you with these words of wisdom from Azrael the cat: "Reow-row-row-reowww!"