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9 Burning Questions About Chambers Season 1, Answered

What even was that crazy finale cliffhanger?

Liam Mathews

Netflix better renew Chambers for Season 2, because our hearts can't take not knowing what happened!

At the end of Season 1, Sasha (Sivan Alyra Rose) spirit-killed Becky (Lilliya Scarlett Reid), the dead girl whose tormented soul came along with her heart when it was transplanted into Sasha. It seemed like Sasha was free from possession, until a whole bunch of cultists from the Annex showed up outside of her house. Their leader, Ruth (Lili Taylor), told Sasha that now that Becky was dead, "Lilith" was free to inhabit her completely. Lilith is the demon they put inside Becky that drove her to kill herself, and seems to have chosen Sasha as her new host.

"Becky was a vessel," Ruth said. "An inhospitable one. But you have proven yourself worthy. When the door is first opened, it can be overwhelming. All the urges and emotions. Becky resisted that power. And what came about was wrath and violence. But that's not what Lilith is about. Lilith is the divine feminine. She has the power to fix that which is unfairly broken. Bring equilibrium to this f---ed up world."

Ruth said that Lilith gives Sasha has the power to heal, and just then, Sasha's heart surgery scar wiped itself clean. Ruth said that Sasha has the power to heal the sick and get people to do whatever she wants, and if she joins the Annex, Ruth can show her how to control her power. But Sasha said no, and, curiously, Ruth seemed to accept this. But when Ruth's male counterpart started to browbeat Sasha, Sasha psychically dropped all the men. They hit the ground, and the women watched Sasha, not reacting. The camera cut back to Sasha, and she had two pupils in each eye. Then... cliffhanger!

Obviously, the finale created more questions than it answered. And when TV Guide caught up with some of the stars as well as creator Leah Rachel on the red carpet at the premiere, they were pretty tight-lipped on what it all means and where Chambers would go if it gets a second season. But they shed a little bit of light on a few things, and from there, we can piece together some ideas about potential answers for nine of our burning questions.

Sivan Alyra Rose, Chambers

Sivan Alyra Rose, Chambers

Ursula Coyote/Netflix

1. Why did Lilith choose Sasha?
This is not the most pressing cliffhanger question, but it's probably going to be one that drives Season 2. Lilith's followers chose Becky to be her vessel, but Lilith had other ideas. While we don't know exactly what Lilith saw in Sasha or what the spirit has in mind for her, we do know that Sasha Yazzie is a special girl. She's strong and resilient, and cares about other people more than herself. At the same time, she is wounded deep inside from being abandoned by her mother, which gives her a well of rage Lilith may tap into. Season 2 seems like it will be about Sasha's struggle to accept what it means to be the chosen one. Will she give into the darkness and use Lilith's powers to selfish ends, or will she help and heal, like Ruth said she could?

2. What is Lilith and what does she want?
We've seen Lilith only create chaos so far, but that doesn't necessarily mean Lilith is a malign force. As the hospital waiting room TV explained in the finale, Lilith was Adam's sexually uninhibited first wife who refused to be subservient to him, and chose to become a demon instead. Occultists worship Lilith as a mother goddess, who creates and protects but is also capable of destruction, and who is independent of the patriarchy and provides balance to the masculine. Men fear Lilith because they can't control her. She's a complex being. "I think Lilith is misunderstood," is what Chambers creator Leah Rachel says about her. Season 2 will certainly get into what Lilith is and isn't.

3. Did Sasha kill all those men?
Exactly what happened when Sasha caused all the men from the Annex to collapse is unclear. Judging by the women's non-reaction, they expected it to happen and are OK with it. Leah Rachel won't say if they're dead or not. Furthermore, are Sasha and Lilith coming for all men, or just certain ones? What about TJ (Griffin Powell-Arcand), her sweet boyfriend? Powell-Arcand isn't worried that Sasha will turn on TJ. "I think he'll be good," Powell-Arcand told TV Guide.

4. What does the Annex really want?
The Lilith-worshipping Rosemary's Baby LARPers from the Annex may have summoned Lilith to "bring equilibrium to this f---ed up world," but what does that mean, really? Are they really trying to help the world, or is it some kind of personal enrichment scheme? We've seen them institutionalize opponents, cover up misdeeds, disappear witnesses (where's the skater, huh?), and, y'know, non-consensually put a demon inside of a minor, so they definitely seem like bad people, but maybe they're such true believers that they think their nefarious ends justify their pure-hearted means. Ben Lefevre (Tony Goldwyn) certainly did bad things, but he genuinely believed what he was doing was right. "He really felt that this was the greatest thing for Becky, and that her spirit was Lilith and was going to save the world," Goldwyn said. "When he took her to that ceremony, it was supposed to be all light and love and wonderfulness. He had no understanding of the darkness that they had all unleashed. And I don't think Lili's character or Matt [Rauch]'s character, no one knew what we'd unleashed. And so when he realized it, it was too late." Goldwyn said that Ben's other big transgression was that he lied to his wife, Nancy (Uma Thurman), about what happened to Becky, which fits with the show's theme of patriarchal men thinking they know what's best for women and being fatally wrong. Whatever the Annex wants, we can be sure it's not going to turn out correctly.

5. Will we see Ben again?
Chambers is a show where just because a character is dead doesn't necessarily mean they're gone. It doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility that Ben will get resurrected somehow, or at least appear in a vision or a flashback. But Tony Goldwyn said don't expect it. "I don't think so," he said of the possibility of him returning in Season 2. "Maybe as a director. We'll see."

6. Who framed Frank?
Big Frank (Marcus LaVoi) caught a murder charge he didn't do. He threatened to kill Johnny Bail Bonds, but someone else did the deed. "I have my suspicions," LaVoi said. "It's gotta be someone with Johnny Bail Bonds, right?" It could have been Deacon (Khan Baykal), Frank's employee who was a spy from the Annex. Deacon was seen digging a grave in the desert before he showed up outside of Sasha's house, which could have been for Johnny. He had access to Frank's business, and could have lifted Frank's fingerprints from there.

Uma Thurman, Chambers

Uma Thurman, Chambers

Ursula Coyote/Netflix

7. What happened with Nancy?
On the other hand, Deacon may have been digging a grave for Ben to help the Annex cover up what happened. Deacon picked up Nancy as she was walking along the side of the road after she'd killed Ben. She was last seen as a patient at the Annex, seemingly unable to speak, passing a note to her also-institutionalized son Elliot (Nicholas Galitzine) that said, "Your dad is dead. The only way out is through. Trust me." We know almost nothing about the sequence of events that led to this. Where was she going when Deacon found her? What is her plan to escape from the Annex? Is she actually unable to speak? This all remains to be seen, but if we were her, our first instinct would be to go to the media to try and expose what is really happening at the Annex. But no one would believe Nancy, because the story is so insane. And if the Annex has recruited cops to their cause, they've probably recruited journalists, too. So Nancy probably has or is looking for some other leverage to use against the Annex.

8. What's up with the mice?
Leah Rachel did explain the symbolism of the mice we kept seeing throughout the season: "What I'll say about rodents, and mice in general, in Wiccan religion and in lots of different cultures, they're known as the communicators between the dead and the living. They're in the walls, they hear secrets. They flinch before thunder a lot of times. They're connected to something. Mice are two steps ahead of humans." To this we would add that Lilith is often associated with owls. And what do owls hunt? Mice! Becky and Sasha both attacked mice because that's Lilith's instinct. Perhaps if we see Lilith in Season 2, she'll take an owl-like form.

9. Will there be a Season 2?
We'll see! Netflix sometimes takes a few months before making a decision about whether to renew or cancel a show. If you want Chambers to be renewed, get your friends to watch it.

Chambers Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, and Jonathan Van Ness, Queer Eye

Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, and Jonathan Van Ness, Queer Eye

Christopher Smith/Netflix