The tension is heating up between the Champs and the Pros on MTV's latest iteration of The Challenge: Champs vs Pros — and to no one's surprise, Johnny Bananas is getting in on the action.

In this sneak peak of Tuesday's challenge, Bananas directs his trash talking to former wrestler and MMA fighter CM Punk. The latter was the team captain for the pros and came in last during the challenge, and Bananas wastes no time in pouring salt in the athlete's wounds.

CM has a pretty upbeat attitude about losing the heat, but Bananas uses the moment to remind CM Punk of his failed wrestling and fighting career. Even though everyone knows that Bananas loves to amp up the drama and break people down in the politics of the game, CM falls for it and goes off the handle on the man who has been playing this game longer (and better) than anyone else.

Will the fight lead to someone getting ejected from the show? Find out when The Challenge: Champs vs Pros continues Tuesday at 9/8c on MTV.