The Scream Queens cast already boasts Jamie Lee Curtis, Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas, but the Ryan Murphy horror-comedy is seriously upping the ante for the holidays. Chad Michael Murray, Patrick Schwarzenegger and Alan Thicke all appear in Tuesday's episode as Chad Radwell's (Glen Powell) equally pompous family.

So how will Chanel (Emma Roberts) get along with the Radwells? And will Chad's brothers Brad (Murray) and Thad (Schwarzenegger) share their brother's twisted fetishes? See what Chad Michael Murray shared about Scream Queens' epic Thanksgiving episode below:

How did you wind up getting cast on Scream Queens?
Chad Michael Murray:
Glen Powell is a good buddy of mine. We've been friends for years. And he just kind of called me up. I guess they came to him talking about if he had a group of guys he would want to play his brothers, who would he want? He just said, 'Oh, dude. It would be great if Chad could do it.' So he called me up and asked me if I'd be interested in coming down and playing around. Just the idea of doing something fun really quick ... and go work with Ryan Murphy, who's obviously a genius, and goof around with Glen, there's no way I could say no.

How would you describe Brad Radwell?
Oh, God, Brad knows what he wants and he knows who he thinks he is. That's the best way I could describe him. ... He's 100 percent pure Radwell and I absolutely loved going down and playing around. Ryan Murphy creates such a really cool environment and a great world to walk into. The show is just brilliantly written. It's ridiculous on so many levels that you can't believe these are the scenes you're shooting.

The Radwell familyThe Radwell family

The Scream Queens cast takes bets on who the killer is

Did you ever have a line that took you back a bit? Like, 'Oh my god. I actually have to say this to somebody?'
Absolutely. I'd say Glen and Emma say the most ridiculous things on that show. I can't believe these are in scripts and on television. It's unbelievable, and I love it. It's what's so funny about it. It's that great slow, stalking, classic horror that we all grew up with, but with that modern twist on it with the new lingo.

Chad is a necrophiliac. So should we expect Brad to have any creepy habits?
We haven't discovered that yet. But my God, what would I want him to have? If Chad's into necrophilia, I think it'd be really fascinating if Brad had some very bizarre twist. These guys are all sexual deviants, no doubt about it. I can imagine Thad probably has a little bit of a bestiality thing going on, it seems to me. He's got some issues. Brad, I don't know what his is, but I'm betting he's a tied up, ball gag type of guy.

What is Brad's relationship with Chanel like?
It's too early to tell. You have new blood in your home, and the Radwells are a very well-to-do family. Their name and their family crest are everything to them. They're proud to be Radwells. For Chad to bring home a new woman, we've all got to check her off the list.

How is a Radwell Thanksgiving different from a regular Thanksgiving?
I would say just the persona of the Radwell family. They're such an entitled family, I think Chanel has met her match.

Do you have any bets as to who the killer is?
I do have a guess, but I don't know. No one on the show even knows. I think it's everyone, but Chanel. And this is why I say that... Now that there's a serial killer on the loose, once that's started if you have an ax to grind you could just get the costume - which is just the school mascot - and take out that person you really don't like and just blame it on the killer.

Scream Queens airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox.