Chad L. Coleman Chad L. Coleman

Chad L. Coleman appeared to have a meltdown on a New York City subway on Friday, according to a video posted by TMZ.

The actor — best known as Tyreese from The Walking Dead and Cutty from The Wire-- was videotaped ranting and stomping up and down the subway car, ranting at passengers about "humanity" and repeatedly announcing his name and famous roles.

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"Where my humanitarians are?" he shouts. "Yes! I'm Chad L. Coleman! I'm on The Wire, I'm on The Walking Dead, I'm not trying to play no f---ing games with you!"

"Yes, I'm an actor!" he continues. "You want me on TMZ, record it."

"Where is my humanitarian?" he shouts at one passenger. "If you care, f---ing care!"

The video continues for four minutes.

TMZ says they reached out to Coleman, who told them he was completely sober when the video was taken and that his calls for humanitarians were in response to what's happening in Baltimore right now.

The Wire famously took place in Baltimore and focused on tensions between gang members and the police.

Watch the video: