Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew

Hard to watch, yet impossible to deny, the fourth season of the sobering reality show Celebrity Rehab has us hooked. So we made an appointment with Dr. Drew Pinsky to talk about his efforts to help clean up Hollywood's hardest cases.

TV Guide Magazine: You have quite a crew this season. With the squabbles between Jason Davis and Janice Dickinson... God bless ya!
Pinsky: [Laughs.] We actually shot this in the summer, so it's always peculiar to look back at all of [it]. Now, Janice is doing so well. But you're gonna see her get a lot worse.

TV Guide Magazine: What else do we see this season?
Pinsky: The basic arc is they come in with limited motivation, see they need treatment, embrace it and actively participate in their treatment. They also deeply bond with one another.

TV Guide Magazine: You know the joke: "How can you tell when an alcoholic is lying?"
Pinsky: [Laughs.] Their mouth is moving. 

TV Guide Magazine: So how do you sort through their BS?
Pinsky: That's my job. I have to intuit what's real and what's not. What's addiction, what's their manipulation, what's them posturing for the camera... I can kind of feel what's real.

TV Guide Magazine: What's the idea for your new HLN talk show?
Pinsky: My training lends itself to asking certain questions, and I want to bring that to the stories of the day. It will not be medical or [entirely] celebrity-based. I want interesting guests.

TV Guide Magazine: Has your former Loveline cohost Adam Carolla hit you up for a sidekick job?
Pinsky: No, but he will be a guest. [Laughs.] To me, he falls under "interesting person."

Celebrity Rehab airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on VH1.

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