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Tom Green 'Wouldn't Be Surprised' If Some Celebrity Big Brother Houseguests Apologized to Him

But he wouldn't be surprised if they didn't, either

Dalene Rovenstine

#Tomato has been squashed. Comedian Tom Green, the "Tom" to Kato Kaelin's "-ato," has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother household.

Despite being Head of Household going into Friday night's episode, Tom was caught off guard when host Julie Chen announced that this week would be a double eviction. Fresh off of his target Natalie Eva Marie going home, Tom was forced to watch her former ally Lolo Jones win Head of Household. The Olympic athlete took very little time to debate before putting Tom on the block. But she did debate over her second pick a little too long for Julie, who had to tell Lolo numerous times to hurry up; she ended up choosing Kandi Burruss to sit next to Tom.

When Tamar Braxton won the Power of Veto, she chose not to use it and Tom was voted out of the house unanimously. Here, TV Guide spoke with the comedian about what he could have done differently to make it to final five.

Tom Green, Celebrity Big Brother
Sonja Flemming/CBS

How are you feeling about last night's eviction?
Tom Green: I think I went as far in the game as I wanted to go. I thought last night was the perfect time. I love leaving in the surprise double eviction. I was the HOH, so as far as I was concerned I had at least another five to six days in there. This was a nice surprise, and I like surprises.

When you left, we saw Tamar dancing and cheering. What was that about?
She was happy to see me go. She was targeting me the entire time. She was in the room with Ricky, Lolo and Natalie. They were targeting Kato and I from the beginning. Everybody is entitled to celebrate how they do. I decided going in that I was here to play a game, but to do it in a fun way and enjoy the people I met. I knew there was going to be negativity and a competitive atmosphere and I had intended to always approach it with a smile on my face and not try to get too vindictive with people. I think that's just how Tamar decided to play the game. I wish her well.

A couple weeks ago, when Natalie didn't use the Power of Veto, which would have allowed you to backdoor Ricky, I think that changed the game for you and Kato.
I was in a unique situation because early on I had aligned myself with Anthony Scaramucci and Kato. I spent most of my time with Anthony Scaramucci. We really hit it off. We were spending most of our time together -- not talking politics; I didn't really like to talk politics in there -- but talking about how Washington works. When Anthony left suddenly, because he wasn't really playing, I was left with Kato. By that point, all the alliances had formed. [Partnering with Natalie and Lolo] was an attempt at an alliance. Kato bought into it hook, line and sinker. I was always skeptical of it.

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You talked a lot about not going outside. How are you feeling now that you've seen the real world again?
It feels great. I really did enjoy the interesting and bizarre experience of Big Brother, but it's nice to breathe some air and look at the view outside. Not just because it's nice to be outside, but because when you have people conspiring around you for 24 hours a day to evict you, it was kind of an intense and surprisingly competitive experience. I was somewhat amazed and bewildered at how seriously and intently everyone was taking this game. I knew I wanted to win as well, but people really did take it a little bit further than I had imagined possible on Celebrity Big Brother.

What was it like living in that environment?
It was probably the strangest experience I've had in my life -- and I've had a lot of weird experiences. [Laughs] I'm a pretty media savvy person. I studied broadcasting in school; I've made television shows; I've directed films. I don't think I was quite as overwhelmed by it all as other people. I felt in some ways I was able to wear two hats: One was sort of playing up some of my persona a bit for the show, but at the same time I was observing other people, and I could not believe how intense it got. I was almost befuddled and shaking my head constantly at just how people would get in these groups that would be very, very... mean is probably the word for it.

Do you think it went too far?
I feel kind of badly for some of the people who were against me because I think they were maybe a bit overwhelmed. I'm sure when people get out and see how they've behaved, I do suspect that a lot of people will have some regrets. I wouldn't be surprised if I got a few apologies. But I wouldn't be surprised if I don't either. I just don't know these people that well.

Kato had said that from the beginning that you two had decided you wouldn't lose your humor in the house.
I'm so happy Kato was in there. I don't think I would have been able to last as long as I did if he was not there. He was the one spark of light. We were able to separate ourselves from the game every once in a while and look at each other and laugh at the absurd insanity of it all. I don't think anyone else was analyzing it on that level. They were so caught up in the game they didn't have the ability or sense of humor that Kato and I have to step back and go, "Can you believe what is going on here!?" We were both amazed and tickled at how outrageous it got.

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Since you're a fan of Big Brother, was it what you were expecting it to be?
I knew it was going to be competitive, but I gotta tell you, this show is just brilliant in the way it creates this environment where people behave in very strange ways when they're locked up in a house with no sunlight and a big financial prize that everyone is desperate to win. I wanted to win, but I wasn't willing to become a different person to win.

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