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The Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 Winner Is...

Five guests remained in the house but only one could win

Dalene Rovenstine

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Season 2 finale of Celebrity Big Brother.]

The houseguests of Celebrity Big Brother may not have agreed on much this season, but in the end they were able to agree on a winner. In Wednesday's Season 2 finale, Tamar Braxton received a unanimous vote to become the second-ever celebrity winner of the CBS reality show. Plus, she broke the "First In" curse.

The episode began where Monday night's clip show ended: in a battle for the second-to-last Head of Household. Despite Tamar's reluctance to participate because of her fear of heights, she eventually pushed herself to do it and competed against Dina Lohan, Kandi Burruss and Ricky Williams. And then Dina eliminated herself by not understanding how the game was played. It wasn't long before Ricky Williams pulled out the W and became HOH for his first time.

It was no surprise then when he nominated Dina and Kandi for eviction, the only two people not in the so-called Bedroom Alliance. If either of them were able to pull out a Power of Veto, he told Tamar that he would put Lolo up on the block as a replacement. Luckily for her, that was never an option as she won the Power of Veto herself and kept nominations the same.

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Even though Kandi and Tamar were "frenemies" when the season first began, Tamar was able to demonstrate how far they've come when she cast her live vote for Dina. Lolo voted for Kandi, which meant Ricky had to break the tie -- and he sent Kandi out the door.

Julie Chen had a brief interview with Kandi (who confirmed that she and Tamar had truly bonded and overcame their past issues) and with fake houseguest Anthony Scaramucci before turning her attention to the final Head of Household competition. In Celebrity Lookalike Junior, the final four houseguests had to determine which statements from adorable junior versions of the houseguests were true and which were false. It was a close comp for three of them (Dina only got one point... total), with Ricky and Tamar going head-to-head in a tie breaker. But Ricky won Head of Household for a second, and final, time.

The three women were given 30 seconds for speeches, where Dina used her time to finish her speech from the last eviction, just minutes before, where Julie had cut her off. Tamar called him a brother and Lolo said she wanted the opportunity to play together in the final. But it's an opportunity Lolo never got; Ricky first evicted Dina and then -- to Tamar AND Lolo's shock -- he evicted Lolo. He said, "I offered you a deal so we didn't have to be in this position, but you didn't want it" as she walked out the door.

All the houseguests returned to grill the final two and then cast their votes. They unanimously voted Tamar as the winner of Celebrity Big Brother Season 2. Not only did she win the $250,000 grand prize, but she was able to break the series-long "First In" curse; no person who has entered the house first, as Tamar did, has won in Big Brother history. Her win was only the second unanimous jury vote in the history of the series; plus, she is the first-ever black winner of the U.S. show. As Tamar herself might say, "Won't he do it!"

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Tamar Braxton, Celebrity Big Brother
Sonja Flemming/CBS