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The Celebrity Big Brother Houseguests Reveal Their Biggest Live Feed Fears

Who's worried their "inappropriate humor" will get them in trouble?

Sadie Gennis

We've already gotten a few sneak peeks at the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds, but we'll soon be able to monitor the 11 houseguests 24/7 when the feeds officially go up later this week. And while celebrities do live under a microscope, nothing can prepare anyone for the live feeds -- even if they think they have this situation under control.

"You know, my first two questions going into the house were: where do I go to the bathroom and will you see me naked? I've been assured that America is going to be spared that. So when it comes to being on camera 24 hours a day live, I'm good," Ross Mathews tells TV Guide. "I grew up in a farm town like this. I've been on TV now for 17 years like this. I don't have much to hide. So shoot away, listen away, watch away."

Not everyone is so cavalier, though. Many houseguests know full well there's a good chance their mouth will get them in trouble in the house. "I mean, I've got a mouth like a sailor. I have no qualms about that, by the way. I hope no one else does. So swearing. And inappropriate humor," explains Big Time Rush's James Maslow. "But I hope people realize I'm very sarcastic and a lot of things that I say that I deem funny, I hope they get really are in the best of intentions.

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"My sarcasm will come off as me being jerky if someone else is being jerky first. And yeah, that could put a target on my back," Maslow adds. "But for the most part, I really genuinely want to enjoy this experience and I hope it will empower other people to enjoy it as well."

When it comes to American Pie star Shannon Elizabeth and Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez, their concerns are far more benign, which will make them even harder to avoid being captured doing. "I don't know, sleeping with my mouth open or something like that or sneezing," Gutierrez says. "Those are the regular things that I don't want to be caught doing."

"We all do private things in the bathroom you don't want anyone to see, so I'll try to keep it in the toilet area," adds Elizabeth. "If I blow my nose or something, I don't want everyone to see that."

Celebrity Big Brother premieres Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS. You can also catch new episodes on Thursday, Friday and Sunday at 8/7c, and don't forget to check out the live feeds on CBS All Access!

Additional reporting by Megan Vick

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