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Dina Lohan's Celebrity Big Brother Strategy Was No Strategy, and She's Cool With That

The original momager has no regrets

Dalene Rovenstine

Although she knew nothing about the show before entering the Celebrity Big Brother house, Dina Lohan has become an instant fan.

The Living Lohan star began the second season of the CBS reality show with little to no knowledge of the game-- and yet she lasted 29 days, up until the end when she was evicted by Ricky Williams, who chose to take Tamar Braxton to the final two.

In her exit interview with Julie Chen on Wednesday night, Dina said she wasn't surprised or upset about being evicted. She had very little "game play" through much of the season (even though she voted with the house every time except for the first week when she didn't vote against Jonathan Bennett, her daughter Lindsay Lohan's Mean Girl's co-star). But that hasn't stopped Dina from becoming a fast fan of the game.

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Here, she talks with TV Guide about her time in the house and why she wants CBS to kick off a Celebrity all stars season already. (Unfortunately, Dina's rep instructed that her client wasn't available to discuss anything related to her potential catfish boyfriend. The season's winner Tamar, however, did share with us her relief at the confirmation of his identity.)

Dina Lohan, Celebrity Big Brother
Monty Brinton/CBS

Congrats on making it so far!
Lohan: Oh my god. Hilarious and amazing.

How are you feeling now that you've had a few hours out of the house?
Lohan: I miss them all! It was an amazing ride, honestly.

Was it what you were expecting at all?
I didn't know the show, so I went in not expecting anything. I just went as myself and stayed true to my heart. I got to know everyone in the house and tried to break up people that were getting upset with each other and tried to be like the calm in the storm.

You were like the house mediator.
Lohan: Yeah, the mom! It's what I do anyway.

Even though you weren't a fan of the show, did you do any research beforehand?
Lohan: No, not a nippit of research! I like to go into something unknown because then you can be yourself and there's no pre-judgment. I wanted to do that with this situation, and there you have it! Maybe I should have researched!

Was there anything you would change about how you played the game?
Lohan: No, because I'm myself always. Well, I would definitely work out more, but I couldn't [because of all the athletes]. I was like, I'm not getting in that gym and, like, falling off a treadmill. The gym was small and tiny and they needed to do that for their craft.

Obviously, you were close to Jonathan Bennett before going into the show?
Lohan: Jonathan is a little angel child. I hadn't seen him in 15 years, quite honestly. When he was on [Mean Girls] 15 years ago, he was playing with Ali and Dakota [her daughters]; they were babies. He was amazing then, and he's never changed with the business and his success. He's always been a solid person. I respect him; I feel like he's a surrogate son. He's so amazing and I love him. He was so kind to everyone because he is a superfan, and he was telling everyone what to do and what not to do. I think that may have hurt him in a way on the show, but to me, it makes me like so proud of him. They took him so early and I was like, "No, don't leave me!"

Yeah, unfortunately, I think it did hurt him because his alliance was wanting to nominate you for the block and he convinced them not to, which led to some distrust.
Lohan: Oh, yeah, he told me Ryan was going to put me up! And not because Ryan didn't like me -- he just didn't know me.

If Ricky had picked Lolo as his final two last night, who would you have voted for?
Lohan: I love them both, but probably ... Lolo? I don't know. I love Ricky. He's the only guy who made it to the end. He taught me so much about myself and spirituality. I think he was misunderstood on the show because he's quiet. It's not because he was playing the game; he's just a sweetheart.

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Will you talk to people outside of the house?
Lohan: I'm going to help Ryan with his endorsement deals, and Lolo, because she's so beautiful. She needs to do other things outside of her craft. And I'm working with Tom. He has a beer in Canada he's bringing to the states, and I'm helping him market that. A couple of the people I'm working with outside now. I just love helping them.

What were the best and worst things about living in the house?
Lohan: I don't think there was a worst. I did not miss not having my cell phone -- except for my kids. We have a group chat. We text every day. It's called "Family First." Lindsay's in Dubai, so the time difference is always intermittent. She calls my mom, who is 95 and one of my best friends. I missed all of them. But the best was just laughing. Between Kato, Tom and Tamar, it was just hilarious. I never laughed so hard in my life.

There were definitely a lot of characters in there.
Lohan: Oh my goodness. When Mark [McGrath] came from Season 1, he was like, "You guys are villains" and looked over at the table -- not me, thank god. He said we were so villainous and they were nicer to each other. I said our [season] needs to compete against yours and bring one over for a special. Like who can we take from your team and you take from ours. That would be brilliant. I need to tell the producers. All Star Celebrity Big Brother. I think that would be hilarious. We already know their strategies.

So it sounds like being on this season has made you a fan of the show!
Lohan: I'm definitely going to watch now. I'm probably going to become a superfan.

Are you glad you went on the show?
Lohan: I am so happy. It was all good for me, and I tried to put love wherever I could, and I got it back.

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