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Watching celebrities be forced to do "normal people" things like selling hot dogs, or working as hotel employees is inherently funny. But when you throw in a few hilarious comedians and B-listers that have inflated perceptions of their own notoriety — as they have on this season's Celebrity Apprentice — it almost guarantees viewers will be laughing the whole way through. After watching a sneak peek of the Sunday premiere (9/8c, NBC), we narrowed down a list of examples that prove this season of Celebrity Apprentice will be the funniest, most ridiculous one to date:

1. Arsenio Hall puts the competition into perspective - "I ran into Ruben Studdard at an NAACP meeting and he said 'Brother, don't be the first black man to lose to Clay.'"

2. Adam Corolla's first world problems - His charity? White Kids Without iPads (or so he says).

3. It's all about the branding - The men have a heated debate over naming their team "The Trumpeteers," "The Honey Badgers" or "The Urinal Cakes."

4. It's all about the rebranding - Teresa Giudice identifies herself as the "author of two New York Times bestselling cookbooks" opposed to a Real Housewife.

5. Paul Teutel Sr. dresses for relative success — The competitor wears a jean jacket — circa 1980 — for the entire duration of the task, but really turns it out for the board room: he shows up in a cut off, sleeveless t-shirt.

6. Aubrey O'Day is the "most recognizable "star," no really! — "Out of all the women on this team, I have the most Twitter followers," she explains.

7. Victoria Gotti's unique pronunciation skills - She describes the eye injury that caused her to show up late: "I taw my cawnea."

8. Claymates 4Eva! - During the task, a tattooed woman asks if she can "make it rain on Clay Aiken," and then proceeds to make it rain on Clay Aiken.

9. Hairdos and hair don'ts - Penn Jillette's hair, Aubrey O'Day's hair, Victoria Gotti's hair, Paul Teutel's hair, Dee Snyder's hair and of course... Donald Trump's hair.

10. Sulu beams, Scotty! - The way George Takei giddily grins from ear to ear whenever Lou Ferrigno's biceps are discussed and/or displayed.

11. Trump offers dating advice - "Is your boyfriend rich?" he creepily asks Dayana Mendoza. "No, he's rich in his heart," she responds. "Eh, he's got no chance with you. Believe me. I guarantee you. Does he have an airplane? No! He's finished."

Celebrity Apprentice premieres Sunday, Feb. 19 at 9/8c on NBC.

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