Dionne Warwick Dionne Warwick

We thought Gary Busey would be the must-see drama on Celebrity Apprentice, not Dionne Warwick!

Last night, the chanteuse who didn't know the way to San Jose didn't know her way around playing well with others as the teams took on a camping-themed challenge. And while yes, there were some grand Busey-isms ("I can hear my toenails grow"), his unfocused but ultimately successful stint as project manager was nothing compared to the nasty doled out by Whitney Houston's cousin at the ladies' team leader, Niki Taylor. That is not what friends — psychic or otherwise — are for, Dionne.

From the get-go, it was clear that Warwick was gonna be a pain. Griping about the shopping, shooting down everyone's ideas (because "Finder of Lost Loves" was such a stellar song choice, hon?), and talking down to Niki at every turn, Dionne was just as antagonistic and undermining this week as she was last week during her tag-team attack on Lisa Rinna with Star Jones. Honestly, Taylor deserves a gold star for keeping her sanity in the presence of such a bitter bitty... Especially in the boardroom, where the ex-model could have let things get really ugly.

Instead, Niki kept it classy when it came to facing Trump's firing squad, dismissing her "tiff" with Dionne and shouldering the blame for the team's failure. That move may have cost her a future on the show, but it was a priceless lesson in elegance that a certain Grammy winner could (and from the promos for next week, clearly won't) learn from.

Anyone who had a heart would look at Dionne and know that she's a bully, so what do you think? And more importantly, how cool was Niki to take one for the team?

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