Game 7 of The World Series made history Wednesday night, not just because the Chicago Cubs ended a drought and took home a championship after 108 years, but because it was a record night for celebrity reactions to a baseball game!

Yes, the most anticipated sporting event of the year had everyone cheering, some for the Cleveland Indians, and many, many, many more for the Chicago Cubs.

So what did your favorite stars have to say? Here are their musings from Twitter once the game was over.

Arrow's Stephen Amell is a huge sports fan, and not a fan of working when sports are on.

Bachelor franchise host Chris Harrison had some thoughts during the rain delay to kick off extra innings.

Cleveland's Drew Carey was not a happy camper when his tribe was down.

Justine Bateman had some interesting observations.

As did Joss Whedon.

Wil Wheaton about summed up this thriller.

But once the game was over...

But we'll give the win to Snoop Dogg, who had a Crying Jordan meme ready to go as soon as the game was over.

What did you think?