If you caught a glimpse of a gold-dipped superhero on the Grammys red carpet and were wondering how a performer from Hollywood Boulevard wandered into the ceremony you're not crazy. That was just Cee-Lo being his trademark wild self.

It's the first public unveiling of his new alter ego Gnarly Davidson — and possibly a hint that new music from his duo Gnarls Barkley may be on the way.

It all started back in December of 2016 — when we were all understandably preoccupied with Celebrity Death March and election shock — when the Gnarls Barkley frontman debuted new work under the moniker Gnarly Davidson. He started leaking out info and tidbits on the new character: First a video of him being maimed by an exploding cell phone — which turned out to be a prank — and then a new song, "F--- Me I'm Famous," under the new name.

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Gnarly DavidsonGnarly Davidson

He also sent out bizarre messages to the press, telling a few outlets, "Look at me... LOOK AT ME! YOU DID THIS TO ME CEELO GREEN, YOU F---- IDIOT. BUT I LIKE IT, I'm actually...BETTER! Than you... than everyone! A karmikaze upon you! Vengeance is mine sayeth GNARLY DAVIDSON. P.S. TECHNOLOJESUS saves." Alrighty then.

Given the similarity between the two names, we have to believe this gold Grammy stunt is his way of teasing new music from the duo — producer Danger Mouse is Cee Lo's partner — which hasn't released an album since 2008. The group's first album, St. Elsewhere, was nominated for four Grammys in 2007 including Record of the Year, Album of the Year and Best Urban/Alternate Performance for "Crazy," which is exactly what this outfit screams.